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X360key USB Loader

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x360key including installation x360key

Interested in playing your XBOX 360 games from a USB Hard Drive. Sick of getting your XBOX 360 re flashed. Then the X360Key is for you! The XBOX 360 now has the ability to play your games from a USB hard drive. There are many advantages from running games from an external hard drive.

  • Decrease in loading times on most games
  • Reduces wear and tear on your discs
  • Reduces wear and tear on the DVD drive and laser
  • Reduces the noise omitted from the console

Advantages and Disadvantages of the X360key Vs Firmware Modifications

With the latest firmware update from Microsoft flashing your DVD drive, returning it back to stock firmware. Everyone who runs custom firmware, will have to get there DVD drive re-flashed every time Microsoft releases an update. This involves opening your console, and in some cases opening your DVD drive. This could prove costly and time consuming in the long run, as Microsoft may update its console many times a year.

The process of updating the X360key compared to updating your DVD drives custom firmware will be relatively simple. All it will take to update the X360key, is a USB memory stick containing the X360key firmware update. Simply insert it in the USB slot of the XBOX 360 and your done.

How does it work?

X360key consists of 2 parts, a motherboard and a remote.

The motherboard connects to the SATA bus inside the Xbox 360, and sits between the drive and the Xbox 360 motherboard. X360key is a full-fledged computer system running embedded Linux. It is capable of many things such as

  • Emulating the Xbox 360 DVD drive
  • Reading USB hard drives and other USB media with various file systems
  • Updating itself and other hardware from USB media
  • Communicating with the remote and other external USB devices
  • And a lot more! (embedded Web server and Wi-Fi connectivity for example)

The remote is a simple yet stylish piece of hardware that features an OLED display and 3 buttons. It connects to the x360key motherboard via a high speed USB2 connection. It also has USB for connecting USB hard drives and other devices. The OLED and buttons are used to control various aspects of x360key. It is also used for browsing attached USB media devices and launching games.


  • Compatible with both Fat and Slim models
  • Supports most Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
  • Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
  • High speed USB2 interface
  • Stylish USB control pad for selecting games and controlling your x360key
  • Powerful embedded Linux system running from Micro SD card (included)
  • Linux firmware fully updatable from USB media
  • FPGA fully updatable from USB media via built-in, in-system JTAG programming
  • Recovery mode - it is always possible to recover from a bad flash
  • No drive flashing or JTAG hack required
  • AP25 protection emulation
  • Pass-through mode. (Use your Xbox 360 in "normal mode")

In a Firmware Coming To You Soon

Web Control Panel  - Requires Wi-Fi dongle (sold separately)

Work in progress

Loading games from NFS and Samba shares - Requires Wi-Fi dongle (sold separately)

Xbox Live support

Backup original Xbox 360 games to USB hard drive

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X360key USB Loader
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