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Xbox 360 Mods & Upgrades Let's See What We Have Here

The Experts in Xbox 360 Mods & Upgrades

Interested in modifying your Xbox 360!!!

There are 2 ways an Xbox 360 can be modified 

  • Customised Firmware modification to the DVD Drive.
    • Advantages of Customised Firmware mods to the DVD Drive, is that it will allow you to play your backups from disc.
    • The disadvantage of this mod is that every time Microsoft performs a system update on your console, either via online or eventually by disc, the modification to the console will need to be updated, and most likely your backups will have to be re done with the correct patches.

Sick of re flashing your console every time Microsoft updates their Firmware!!!

The answer is the x360key...

X360key USB Loader

  • The x360key is the best solution for modifying your Xbox 360. This modification can be updated yourself after each Microsoft Update.

Play your XBOX 360 games from a USB Hard Drive. The X360Key is the way of the future for modifications for the Xbox 360, and is the ultimate device for your console! There are many advantages from running games from an external hard drive.

  • Decrease in loading times on most games.
  • Reduces wear and tear on your discs.
  • Reduces wear and tear on the DVD drive and laser.
  • Reduces the noise omitted from the console.
  • No need to repatch your backups.
Your search ends here if you’re looking to get your console modified to play your own backup games!! We are the experts in all modifications and repairs.
All work carried out by fully qualified electronic technicians.
We operate from 2 locations in Melbourne, Glen Waverley and South Yarra.
You can call on us on either of the above locations or alternatively the console can be posted to the address supplied below.
Appointment is required if calling in person!! We can be contacted by phone or email.
Interstate customers are welcomed to post the Console.
If posting, please include your name, address and contact number, also a brief description of the nature of the fault.

We recommend that all consoles are mailed registered post.

Benefits of registered post:

•Proof the item was sent, when it’s lodged over the counter at a post office.

•Proof the item was received, with signature upon delivery and online tracking#.

•Compensation for loss or damage - up to $100 included.

The Modman’s Postage Details
The Modman
P.O. Box 4263
Burwood East, VIC 3151
Phone 03 9884 6677
Mobile 0403 043 703
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