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Nintendo Wii Hard Drive Upgrade Let's See What We Have Here

Nintendo Wii Hard Drive Now Available

Yes, it’s as simple as A B C

Now you can Load and Play your Wii game from a Hard Drive

USB Loader USB Loader Display

All Nintendo Wii owners now have the ability to run games from an external hard drive.

You can now backup your games and protect them from damage. This is especially important for families with young children. Just imagine the cost of replacing original games, it’s not something most people can afford.

To have an external hard drive installed on your Nintendo Wii it must be modified either with a Mod Chip or through a Software Modification.

All the relevant software will be setup and a secondary operating system will be installed, all you will have to do is insert the disk and your Nintendo Wii will transfer your game to the external hard drive. It’s just that simple. The less your game disks are used the less they will be scratched.

Save your Nintendo Wii games to an external hard drive for much faster loading times, and scratch free playback.

Please contact us for more details about this service.

If posting, please include your name, address and contact number, also a brief description of the nature of the fault.

We recommend that all consoles are mailed registered post.

Benefits of registered post:

•Proof the item was sent, when it’s lodged over the counter at a post office.

•Proof the item was received, with signature upon delivery and online tracking#.

•Compensation for loss or damage - up to $100 included.

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Nintendo Wii Hard Drive Upgrade
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